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viernes, 23 de abril de 2010


Sergio Trujillo Béjar born in Barranquilla, capital of Atlantic, Colombia. He studies Publicity in the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano of Bogotá. Later on, he makes a specialization in television production and he carries out theoretical diverse studies of the image and the cinema. Their creative and artistic work develops it in different agencies of publicity. In 1990 it travels to Cartagena like university professor, invited by Bolivar's Technological Corporation. There you resides for five years. Their passion for the picture, the cinema and the painting doesn't stop and he dedicates time to the investigation and the exercise of these disciplines.

Again in Bogotá, their work in an independent way continues in different areas of the art and the culture. He carries out screenplay studies and dramaturgia. He begins to write their first scripts for short movie.

At the moment he works two important projects: one, the production of documental with colombian outstanding artists as Ángel Loochkartt, Fernando Maldonado, Filomeno Hernández, Nicolás De la Hoz, Edilberto Sierra, Miguel Moyano, Julia Merizalde Price, Eduardo Esparza and the colombo-swiss great teacher Rosenell Baud among other. The second, the realization of a beautiful picture book with several writers and painters national and foreigners.

Among the recognitions of their work we highlight the picture prize in The Biennial Firts of Erotic Art in the year 2000, organized by the Museum of Erotic American Art - MaReA. The sample of Altered Papers, with AAGL, in the Room of Exhibitions Julio Mario Santo Domingo. The exhibition: Homage to classic of the eroticism, with 20 of the Colombian most important painters in the Gallery Alonso Art. The VIII Biennial International of Art - Suba, invited by Colombia in the Living Room of Consecrated. The exhibition "Those that draw", 35 outstanding artists at national and international level in Hall of the Arts of the University of Applied Sciences and Environmental U.D.C.A.
The Angel's night, homage to the painting great Ángel Loochkartt, famous artist from Colombia, in the gallery The Stairway. Ritual of marionettes, -Itinerant exhibition for several cities of Colombia: Bogotá (Gallery The Stairway), Bucaramanga (The House of the Total Book), Barranquilla, Santa Marta- with important painters and national sculptors of the plastic one, celebrating the writer's novel Gonzalo Márquez Cristo.

Trujillo Béjar is collaborating of the virtual weekly publication Con-fabulación, that now a days it has 90.000 subscribers, and it is advisory graphic of the Foundation Literary Común Presencia. He also makes part of the Associatión of Graphic Latin American Artists - AAGL.

He has their study of painting and it photographs in the city of Bogotá. 

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